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Assad goes into hiding as air strikes loom


Bashar al-Assad and his family are now taking shelter in a windowless Russian bunker after Donald Trump threatened an all-out blitz on Syria.

According to reports, the Syrian leader reportedly fled Damascus by military convoy and is holed up at the Russian-controlled Khmeimim airbase on the Syrian coast.

The President is warning potential action by western states would cause more instability in the region.

British submarines have manoeuvred within striking range of Syria as the United Kingdom decides on the course of potential military action against Syria.

Meanwhile the Assad regime has begun hiding its military assets alongside those belonging to Russia in the hope of protecting them from the expecting strikes by the USA and other western powers.

In 2011, the Arab Spring swept across the Middle East and North Africa, with citizens demanding social and political change. As governments in countries like Egypt were overthrown, al-Assad’s Government cracked down the Islamists that took to the streets, violently attacking the state police and security forces.

As the fighting between the government and opposition groups became more violent, the Islamic State started to spread into Syria in 2013, ultimately seizing large amounts of territory and announced its caliphate.

In 2015, Russia also entered the conflict against ISIS by supporting government forces.

On Thursday night, Moscow warned against any US move that could trigger a conflict between the nuclear-armed rivals.