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Soros give another £400,000 to anti-Brexit group to halt referendum result


Far left-wing progressive billionaire George Soros has given the anti-Brexit campaign group Best for Britain an additional £400,000, bring his total donations this year to £800,000.

The Hungarian-born philanthropist has responded to criticism by handing hundreds of thousands more to Best For Britain – who want to overturn the referendum decision.

The Open Society Foundations plugged £400,000 into Best for Britain in February, and Soros pledged to match a crowdfund should it reach £100,000. Soros gave that figure – and an additional £300,000.

President of Soros’s OSF Patrick Gaspard said: “In the past fortnight fresh evidence has emerged suggesting Leave campaigns misled voters about their spending and used a questionable data company to target voters on social media. The Open Society Foundations believe that British citizens have a right to know whether the UK’s democratic process was undermined during the referendum vote.”

“We are therefore backing Best for Britain’s call for an investigation into the matter and donating a further £400,000 to their campaign for a meaningful vote on the final Brexit proposal,” he added.

Lord Lamont, the Tory chancellor plunged into a recession by George Soros’ mammoth bet against the Pound 25 years ago, told him to “stick to finance”.

The Open Society Foundation itself has repeatedly been accused of acting on behalf of George Soros to meddle in the internal affairs of other nations.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is attempting to push the so-called “Stop Soros Act” through parliament, which will prevent his pro-immigrant groups from operating in the country.

Many government officials and members of the ruling Fidesz Party warned that Soros was attempting to meddle in the elections.