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Calls for up to 10,00 visas for persecuted farmers in South Africa


South Africans living in Australia have pleaded with Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge to allow them to sponsor their farmer relatives so they can escape ‘rape and murder’.

Up to 400 people gathered in Perth to share harrowing stories of persecuted white South Africans in a bid to have them considered for humanitarian visas.

“We will look after them we will feed them we will pay their medical bills — please let us get them here,” said one Australian.
Mr Tudge confirmed Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was “looking at the program” to see if more South Africans could be brought to Australia.
“I tried to outline the options which are available under our humanitarian program and under our skills program. We’re a very generous country, and I hope we can also be generous towards those South Africans that may be facing persecution,” Mr Tudge said.

“It’s a very passionate crowd and people told some very emotional stories about the conditions which are occurring to their loved ones, their friends, their family in South Africa.”
Fraser Anning, formerly of One Nation, describing events in South Africa as a white genocide.

Liberal MPs are calling on Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to relax visa rules and accept a special humanitarian intake of up to 10,000 South African farmers.

Australia’s refugee intake has already been set for the next few years. There will be 16,250 places this financial year and 18,750 places in 2018-19.

Mr Tudge said he would raise the stories shared at the event with Mr Dutton and foreign minister Julie Bishop in the coming weeks.