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The number of under-16s treated for stab wounds in England has seen a steep rise and the average age of stab victims continues to fall.

According to the latest figures from Britain’s National Health Service, the number of people aged 16 and under in England having received treatment for stab wounds had risen 63 per cent in five years.

The release of such shocking figures comes amid a spate of violence in London involving young people, which has seen 10 teenagers killed since the start of the year alone, seven of them with knives.

A spike in violent crime across London has left more than 50 people dead from stabbings and shootings since the start of the year.

Tom Isaac, a youth worker who supports stabbing victims at a paediatrics unit in south London, said: “We have sadly always seen a regular amount of young people referred to Oasis Youth Support since we started the service back in 2010. However, the last 12 months we have noticed an obvious and disturbing shift in the average ages. ”

“Two years ago, those who attended our A&E due to stabbings where usually 17 years old and up; now it starts from 15 year olds.”

The Home Secretary has faced criticism from Sadiq Khan over reductions in frontline police, which he said have played a role in the rise of offences.

Amber Rudd published a strategy for tackling violent crime, while the Government’s new Offensive Weapons Bill seeks to introduce tougher laws on possessing acid and buying knives online.