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Rudd blasts Khan over claim the London crime epidemic is due to cuts


“We need to see more visible policing in London and other areas as well.”

But she did admit she hasn’t read a leaked report blaming police cuts for a rise in violent crime.

The document said criminals may have been “encouraged” by the reduction in police staffing numbers and a fall in prosecution rates.

“There are a lot of documents that go round the Home Office. We do a lot of work in this area.

“Of course violent crime is a priority. I think that you do a disservice to the communities and the families by making this a political tit-for-tat about police numbers.”

She then went on to say she had not met with any of the families of the victims of a violent crime wave in London this year.

Some are calling for the renewal of stop and search to bring the crime epidemic to a halt but a former neighbourhood police officer claimed young officers out on London’s streets were terrified of making a mistake and then being hung out to dry by senior officers.

“They have had the fear of god put into them that if they make a mistake they won’t get any support.”

“We hear the statistics that suggest intelligence led stop and search gets positive results in a third of all cases, but what we don’t know is what happens when an officer decides not to stop and search someone they are suspicious of. Does that person then go on to do something terrible?