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Iran threatens retaliation if US withdraw from nuclear deal


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Monday that the United States would regret withdrawing from the nuclear deal, and that Iran would respond in “less than a week” if that happened.

“If they withdraw, it would mean that they are not committed to their words.” he said.

“We are much more prepared than they think, and they will see that if they violate this accord, within a week, less than a week, they will see the result. Even if one day (the US) can harm the JCPOA, we will be the winner in the public opinion of the world as the nation that stuck by its commitments.”

“Our path is clear. We are not thinking of threatening anyone. Our powers, even our military power is not for aggression against any country. Our relations with our neighbours will be friendly relations,” Rouhani added.

The Atomic Energy Organization in Tehran said last month that it would announce technological advancements related to heavy water, the element that will moderate reactions in its reactors on April 9. Iran has already hired China to help redesign Arak, but the JCPOA has yet to give the sign-off needed to begin work.

New sanctions against Iran can be viewed as a warning to Tehran to halt the activities of Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force. Trump has set a deadline that ends in the first two weeks of May to amend the nuclear deal with Iran.