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Rotherham victims speaking out!


Rotherham grooming gang victim Sarah Wilson was just twelve when she was made to have sex with multiple men a night while authorities“barely batted an eyelid.”

In her first interview, she said: “Girls like me — and our families — were crying out for help, but no one listened,” she said.

Politicians were worried that addressing the issue of grooming by British Pakistani men would ‘give oxygen’ to racism.”

“From the age of 11, I was showered with gifts from men in their twenties and thirties who pretended they were my friends,” explained Wilson, recalling how she was raped in a school playground by a 30-year-old who made her feel “ashamed and disgusted”.

“They told me I was beautiful and bought me anything I wanted: phones, clothes, takeaway food, cigarettes and, of course, alcohol and drugs.

‘“By the time they took me to strange towns to have sex with them and all their mates, aged 12, I was so brainwashed I thought it was normal,” she said, adding that “lots of girls” felt the same in the town, where reports revealed more than 1,400 young females have been abused by predominantly Pakistani gangs since the 1990s.

“Some nights, I was driven hundreds of miles away and ordered to have sex with as many as seven men in a row,” said Wilson.
Another victim Sammy Woodhouse was a 14-year-old A grade student who dreamed of becoming a professional dancer when she met her sick abuser.

Ash had been grooming me personally, and through his associates, since I was 14 and his hold on me was so complete that, despite his cruelty, I foolishly believed we were in love.

“He would give me drink and drugs, rape and beat me, hold a gun to my head, and taunt me by having sex with other teenage girls. The relationship devastated my family, caused my behaviour to spiral out of control and ultimately ended in me being taken into care, ostensibly for my own safety – but most shocking of all, throughout everything, the police and social services knew what was going on.”