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Lest We Forget: 25 Years After The Waco Siege Started

ATF agents attempting to raid the compound, moments before the shootout started.

On this day, exactly 25 years ago started the Waco siege. The Bureu of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm raided the Branch Davidian compound on February 28, 1993. The tragically unprofessional operation resulted in the death of six Davidians and four ATF agents. The evolving siege lasted 51 days. On April 19 the compound engulfed in fire and 76 more people, including 20+ children and two pregnant women died. This operation was probably the biggest overreach of government aggression and absolute unprofessionalism in US history.

The Branch Davidian compound in December 1992.

David Koresh was by no means an exemplary person. By today’s words, he literally cucked men in the sect, had 19 wives, one of them 12 at the time of marriage. He was a freak. However, what the ATF and FBI did is tragic and unacceptable.

An ATF agent speaks to the media one day after their unsuccessful raid on the Branch Davidian compound in 1993.

There is a six-part miniseries in the matter titled ‘Waco’. We do recommend it to anyone interested in this tragic event that never should have happened.

ATF agents in the chaos of the Feb 28, 1993 raid on the Branch Davidian compound. Four agents and six Davidians were killed during the two-hour shootout that turned into a 51-day siege.