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The Face Of A TRUE Christian HERO [video]


This is how a real man dies! Another brave serviceman has reminded us all what true courage looks like.

Major Roman Filipov was flying a sortie against Islamist terrorists in Idlib province in Syria yesterday, when his Sukhoi 25SM was hit by a ground-to-air missile. The missile was almost certainly among the billions of dollars worth weapons shipped to the Islamist rebels by the C.I.A. in Operation Timber Sycamore.

Roman Filipov managed to bail out of his burning plane just before it crashed. As he parachuted to earth, a mob of the ‘rebels’ who the mainstream media keep telling us are ‘moderates’ ran towards him. They blazed away with assault rifles, screaming “Allah u Akbar” – as ‘moderate rebels’ always do!

Whether the Major was hit in the air we do not know. But he was still alive when he hit the ground. As the screaming Islamist mob closed in, he shot two of them dead with his pistol. Surrounded. Out of ammunition, and about to be captured, he calmly pulled the pin from his grenade.

Video footage filmed by the rebels themselves, shows the airman shouting ‘This is for our guys!’ before detonating the grenade as the terrorists surround him. Roman was killed instantly. It is not known how many of the Al-Nusra, Al Qaeda head-cutters the blast took with him.

Filipov, from Vladivostok, has been posthumously nominated for the Kremlin’s highest honour – the Hero of Russia. Vladimir Putin is expected to grant the award to his grieving family.

The incident reminds us of what true heroism really is. And the gloating reports in the Western mainstream media remind us of the sheer wickedness of the liberal media and political elites. From the beginning of the Syrian civil war, they have backed people they know full well to be blood-thirsty Muslim extremists. And they continue to do so, leaving Russia and Iran as the only nations which are REALLY fighting the ‘War on Terror’.