Smashed with a bottle for rejecting being groped: Shocking photos show bloodied SWEDISH girl attacked in a nightclub after man put his hands between her legs (GRAPHIC)


    Warning: graphic images! A teenager has told how a man smashed a bottle over her head in a nightclub in Malmo, Sweden, after he sexually assaulted her and she pushed him away.

    Sophie Johansson, 19, told Swedish media that she had never met the man before, and that she suddenly felt his hands on her bottom and between her legs on the dancefloor.

    She says she hit him in order to get him to stop, to which he responded by punching her in the face and then hitting her with a glass bottle.

    Shocking images shared on social media show her face and body covered in blood after the late-night attack this weekend.

    Miss Johansson says she had been enjoying her evening at Babel night club on Saturday when she felt a tug on her handbag and turned around to face a man she did not recognise.

    ‘I turned around and then I felt his hand on my bottom and between my legs,’ she told Aftonbladet.

    Scene: The incident took place at Babel night club in Malmo, southern Sweden, on Saturday. The building was a church until 1996.

    After rebuking the man, whom she describes as 5ft 10in in his mid-20s with dark hair, he punched her in the face with a closed fist.

    Saying she did not want to escalate the situation, Miss Johansson and her friend moved to leave the club, at which point the man hit her with a bottle on the left side of her head, breaking it.

    ‘I thought it was liquid from the bottle [on my face], but then my friend said there was blood pouring down. I was in shock,’ she told the paper.

    Miss Johansson was rushed to hospital where she was treated for several cuts on her head, some which required stitches, and a police report was filed on aggravated assault and causing actual bodily harm.

    However, just days after the incident in the night club, Malmo Police have been forced to shelve the investigation due to a lack of evidence to help identify the assailant.

    Nils Norling, Malmo Police spokesperson told Aftonbladet: ‘We hope that someone has seen something, seen the incident. If so, we will open up the investigation again,’ says

    No witnesses: Police have been forced to shelve the investigation due to lack of evidence to help identify the attacker

    Babel nightclub has published a statement on their Facebook where they say they have handed over all available material to police and urge witnesses to contact authorities.

    The attack on Johansson comes off the back in surge of sexual assaults on Swedish women especially with the rising trend of immigration of migrants from Africa and the Middle-East. To date the background of Johansson’s attacker was not immediately known to the public. However, a commenter stated that Johansson posted on facebook about the incident and got blamed for being a racist because the attacker was a muslim. She allegedly then deleted the post and apologised to her facebook “friends”.

    This is not the first time the night club has been the scene of a serious incident, as it was bombed just months ago by unknown attackers.

    Witnesses say they saw a man drive away on a moped shortly before a ‘powerful’ explosion blew the doors off the club on November 3, 2017.

    Babel was closed at the time of the attack, and no-one was injured.