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Czech Republic Re-Elects Anti-Islamist President


He’s a septuagenarian who dislikes Muslims, the media and migrants and loves Vladimir Putin. He’s detested by urban dwellers and liberal elites who see him as a national embarrassment and a menace to values they hold dear.

And he’s just won his second term as president.

The reelection of “Europe’s Trumpiest president” shows the Continent’s populist tide isn’t receding.

Czech President Miloš Zeman beat political novice Jiří Drahoš Friday and Saturday in a contest that was characterized by smears of Zeman’s opponent and allegations of covert Russian funding for the incumbent’s campaign.

The 73-year-old’s politics has invited obvious comparisons with his U.S. counterpart, although he has been on the international political scene far longer. After Trump’s election, he was an early invitee to the White House, being the only European head of state to back Trump as a candidate. “There are many politicians who admired Trump after the elections, when courage is cheap,” Zeman said last year.


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