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White People to pay more for Labour Rally?



“In this video about the Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and B.A.M.E I stated that B.A.M.E Stood for British Asian Minorities Ethnics. Its actually British Black Asian and Minority ethnic. My bad. Also as a side note the tickets were on sale cheaper only to members of B.A.M.E and not all minorities. It is still however, racist.

The Labour party here in Britain recently tried to charge white people more or rather members of B.A.M.E less to purchase tickets to attend one of their rallies. Luckily the Labour party were called out by Conservatives who issued a complaint to the ECHR. The Labour party in a nutshell tried to sell tickets to minorities for cheaper because reasons….I guess. I would imagine Jeremy Corbyn would be rather embarrassed. This is anti white racism.”