Question: “I am a 50-year old woman in Sweden that has been listening for two years now. I have made most things wrong in my life; I had four children with a man who developed a serious mental disorder that crept upon us, left him, shared custody with my children with him (…) not totally understanding his problems and when my children with him reached adult age, I kind of felt released from being afraid tragedy would strike. I am remarried and have a little boy with a very stable and successful man. Things were looking up, then tragedy struck when my 25-year old daughter committed suicide this August. I heard the call in show with the British girl who was living with her parents and I felt the urge to address the way she shrugged off any thoughts of her family when behaving suicidal. I believe my actions have had a great deal of influence in my daughter’s misery. I did not understand that she was depressed, she lived with her boyfriend and she always acted as if things were great when we talked. I wanted her to come home and the few last times we talked she said ‘Soon, mum. I miss you so.’ I always flattered myself with thinking me and my children had such great contact, they could always talk to me I felt. Now I understand that I got it all wrong. It is painful to realize how my actions in the past echoes in the now and the future. I can`t bring my girl to life again but maybe I can wake some other parent up.”