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Western Decadence: Model, 18, is auctioning off her virginity


A STUDENT is auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder – and claims offers have already reached £890,000.

She made the decision when she was 16 after realising how precious virginity was. Although, seemingly, not precious enough to wait for a lover.

The part-time model, from Italy, told The Sun Online: “I decided when I was 16 that my virginity was precious.

“I was in a relationship with a man much older than me, but I decided I would only lose my virginity to the man I love and the man I want to marry in the future.

“He told me he wanted to stay with me all my life, that he loved me, and that he wanted to have a family with me but I was only 16 and I was scared so I decided to split up with him.”

In the wake of the split Nicole – not her real name – began to think about her education and claims she would like to move the UK, to study business at Cambridge. Well, there she will learn a lot about being a true liberal sl*t if she isn’t already, that’s for sure!

She said: “I wanted a good education so I started looking on the web for ways to finance my studies and I came across a series of auction adverts and found there were girls who had sold themselves for £3.1 million so I decided I would do the same when I turned 18.

“I hope to get as much as possible to fund my studies, to help my sister and my family, and buy my parents a house.

“There are a lot of men interested who are writing to the agency and the highest offer we have at the moment is €1m (£890,000).”

The auction is taking part on the European pimp-site Elite Models VIP – not to be confused with Elite Models in the UK.

The site boasts “exclusive international escorts” and claim to “provide a luxury escort service for selective gentlemen worldwide.” GENTLEMEN, sure!

They currently have five “virgin escorts” on the books – but Nicole is reportedly attracting the highest bids.

The site promises to let a doctor, selected by the client, verify the girls’ virginity before they spend the night together.

Although she admits to “a little bit of fear” Nicole is convinced the man who wins the auction will treat her well. Of course, perverted millionaire freaks are famous for that! Just look at Weinstein and his fellow Hollywood freaks!

She said: “I am quite nervous but I am also quite confident because if a man is disposed to pay so much for you, he will certainly be a kind person. I’m sure we will have a great time together.

“I haven’t told them I want any type or age. I don’t know how much the agency can show me about him before we meet but I hope before I meet him I can know more about him, and speak to him on the phone.

“My virginity will go to the highest bidder but if I don’t get on well with him, I will be able to choose another bidder.”

Nicole admitted she is a bit apprehensive about having sex for the first time, but not because her partner will be a stranger.

She said: “I know it hurts a lot so I am a little bit worried about that but I hope it will go well and I’m pretty confident about that.” I don’t think it will hurt that much. I mean, come on! Who has to pay a million to get laid? That’s some serious insecurity right there!

Amazingly, although she plans to spend much of her windfall on the family, Nicole has kept the auction from her parents and says it would “destroy” them. I don’t think she succeeded in that regard.

Not much to say. Perhaps the best way to end this article is to quote John Stone’s comment:

“If she goes through with it, she will regret it for the rest of her life and it will always affect her relationships with men in the future negatively. It isn’t worth throwing away life happiness and the wholeness of true love for money. You can make money back, its much harder to regain your honor and integrity. Your relationship with a man is much more important than the money. I’m telling you. Don’t do it!”