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Templars Host Historic ALL-IRELAND Anti-Jihad Youth Conference!


The Knights Templar International organized an unprecedented conference! Read their report below. You can join this great organization here.

What a great start to the KTI year! In the first week of 2018 the Knights Templar International Order did something that successive governments, churches and security forces have been trying to achieve for decades, if not centuries- the bringing together of Irish Catholic Nationalists with British/Ulster patriots!

After 800 years of hostility, war, famine, uprisings, pogroms, penal laws and the recent ‘Troubles’ it is no exaggeration to say that bringing both sides together is a task many would think impossible. Yet, on a bitter cold January day, young men from both sides sat down together in Belfast and discussed the future of the island of Ireland and how they can put the past behind them to face the immigration tsunami together!

Providentially, that same morning, Ireland suffered its first real Jihadist attack, as a Muslim went on a knife rampage in a southern town, killing one and injuring several others. As usual the libtard Government and media said ‘Nothing to do with Islam’ despite the knifeman screaming ‘Allak Akkbur’ as he rampaged through the streets killing and maiming.

The fact that our historic conference coincided with Irelands first real attack shows clearly God’s guiding hand on our endeavour. And the new lent a sense of great urgency to all the delegates to put the past behind them and find a way to unite in against the common Jihadist enemy blowing in from the desert.

The Templars have worked in secret for years to achieve this fantastic result and it shows those who sometimes wonder what we do that 90% of our work is kept under the radar for good reason. The scale and magnitude of our work is often so delicate and sensitive that we dare not risk blowing it for the sake of self-glorification or kudos by making our activities public.

When and where we can, we do tell you about our projects and initiatives. But in many cases we simply cannot make public our negotiations or facilitations and we are grateful to you for understanding this and remaining faithful to our mission.

Going forward, we see a growing trust between our Irish brothers, but after centuries of hatred this will take time and careful handling as one would imagine. To this end we are fully committed and give the assurance of the Templars to do all we can to facilitate effective resistance from both historic communities on the island of Ireland, based on mutual trust and respect.

One of the features of the ‘reconciliation’ part of our work is discussion of the experience in the USA following the War Between The States.

The reality is clear: Ireland is drowning in flood of EU-conspired immigration; but if both traditions in the country can unite against their common foe for the greater good, then Ireland will stand as a bulwark and potential western safe haven for a collapsed and overrun Europe in the next decade. And as one of the bases from which the future long Reconquista will spread. Deus Vult!