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The Absolute State of Vibrantly Enriched Christmas


A great video by BPS about Christmas in the falling society of Western Europe and especially the “AKBARriers” or “Merkel Legos” at Christmas Markets.

Youtube commenter stevebenbob writes:
“Well, i have just erected a large wooden homemade cross,illuminated with over 200 fairy lights around its edges in my front garden, for all to see.
I’m not a Christian but i have been driven to this ‘act’ because i know it will be thought too offensive and unpolitically correct by some non Christian’s groups,but more especially the authorities here in the UK. If these same people do happen to turn up, and insist that i have to take this Christmas decoration down, i will kindly go tell them to fuck themselves.
Great stuff once again BPS…….Have a great CHRISTMAS everyone!
SB (UK)…….Not too far away from York!”