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Knights Templar International — 2017 Round-up


This was a busy year for the Knights Templar International!

A top-level Templar delegation went deep into the heart of Islamist-occupied Kosovo to visit several of the Christian enclaves holding on despite constant oppression. While there, the KTI donated funds to help, and to show solidarity with, the oppressed Christian minority. The Templars gave gifts of cash to several of the Orthodox monasteries which co-ordinate relief supplies. And another lump sum to buy a pump for a new well, dug by fathers at a Serbian school after Islamist local government cut off their water supply in an effort to force the Christians out.

The KTI also met with Serbian community leaders and supplied emergency communications and other equipment for unarmed Christian early warning patrols against the constant threat of renewed Islamist aggression.

You can join the Templars here: http://knightstemplarinternational.com/join/