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Question: “I work for a supplier that deals in electronics selling to large manufacturers. Recently this year I was told by a corporate purchasing manager that there is nothing she can do to maintain our business relationship as my company is not woman owned or classified as a diversity supplier. My contacts with this company run into the thousands worldwide, and the director who I was speaking with has a great deal of unchecked power. The company is a technology company, and I have worked with many women over my 23-year career all of whom are professional and have not harbored the least scrap of negativity toward me in my work, and I assume are assets to their teams. This perhaps is the greatest challenge to me in my career, we can always get a new customer and shame on me for creating a living off a multi-million-dollar account having kept most of my eggs in one basket. What does a man who works for a white male owned company do when his best fortune 50 customer says we no longer want to work with you because the company you work for is not classified as a diversity source?”