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WSJ Columnist Blames Sexual Harassment on Contraception


Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan is tying the sexual harassment epidemic to contraception.

In her November 23 opinion piece “The Sexual-Harassment Racket Is Over,” the Catholic writer argues that “men behaving badly” is more than a matter of biology.

Instead, Noonan paints it as a sickness of the soul. “Sexual harassment is not over because sin is not over,” she writes, adding, “‘The devil has been busy!’ a journalist friend said this week as another story broke.”

Strikingly, Noonan goes deeper, suggesting the epidemic springs from the almost universal proliferation of the contraceptive mindset:

“An aging Catholic priest suggested to a friend that all this was inevitable. ‘Contraception degenerates men,’ he said, as does abortion. Once you separate sex from its seriousness, once you separate it from its life-changing, life-giving potential, men will come to see it as just another want, a desire like any other. Once they think that, then they’ll see sexual violations as less serious, less charged, less full of weight. They’ll be more able to rationalize. It’s only petty theft, a pack of chewing gum on the counter, and I took it.

In time, this will seem true not only to men but to women.”

To faithful Catholics, Noonan’s insight may come as no surprise. The harassment epidemic, many understand, is a rotten fruit of the sexual revolution — one among many. And its coming was foretold decades ago.

In 1968, as post-Christian societies across the West were buying into the oxymoronic concept of “free love,” Bl. Pope Paul VI issued a prophetic warning to the world.

[P]ernicious errors and depraved morals have begun to spread even amongst the faithful and are gradually gaining ground.

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