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Hungary PM: ‘United States of Europe’ Using Mass Migration to Create ‘Post-National, Post-Christian’ Super-state [video]


Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has warned that the elites plotting a United States of Europe are using mass migration to engineer a post-Christian, post-national super-state.

In his speech to the 7th Plenary Session of the Hungarian Diaspora Council, Orban told listeners:

“A nation that has found its feet is a free nation. It is fair to say that since we found our feet we have begun to act as a free nation.
“But this has also brought with it some problems. Whatever a nation of serfs does will seldom lead to international conflict, but this is not the case with a free nation.”

The prime minister was referring to his country’s ongoing struggle with the European Union over whether or not it should be allowed to impose compulsory migrant quotas, and over Hungary’s decision to face its demographic challenges through policies supporting the family, rather than “seeking to build their future demographic and labour policies on immigrants” — like much of Northern and Western Europe.

 “Today we live in a world in which we need to protect what we have achieved,” the Fidesz leader warned, adding that the “principal danger” to Europe’s achievements “lies in the debate between globalists and nations”.

He explained: “Europe has decided to set out on a post-Christian and post-national era. In other words, it has envisaged a new era in which it will replace policy built on Christian traditions and national consciousness with something different. For want of a better term, we call it policy for a ‘United States of Europe’.”

He said that “the political forces intent on creating a United States of Europe have been deliberately transporting to Europe – and will continue to transport – multitudes of people from other cultures” in the service of their ultimate goals, due to a “definite underlying attitude that, in a United States of Europe, nations and their Christian character are more of a drawback than a benefit”.