Liberal Western Churches Attack Christian Family Values


    The Church of England issued a new directive stating that children should be able to explore their gender identity. Among other things, the guidelines state that, “a child may choose the tutu, princess’s tiara and heels and/or the fireman’s helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak without expectation or comment.” The new rule attacks what it calls ‘gender stereotypes’.

    The Anglican Church is headed by the English monarch and claims 80 million followers in congregations all over the world. And it now supports the cultural Marxist dogma of fluid and multiple genders.

    No matter what it says in the Bible. No matter that every previous generation in human history has known that there are just two genders – male and female. No matter than the vast majority of normal people know that the liberal fantasy of multiple, choose-able genders is a form of insanity.

    The out-of-touch and very sick people running the Church of England think they know better. No wonder even England’s great cathedrals now have Sunday services attended by just five or six worshipers. Gender obsession is the death rattle of the Anglican church in the West.

    The shift is backed by the Rev. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Church of England and the spiritual leader of Anglicans all over the world.

    The rules were welcomed by L.G.B.T.Q-plus campaigners, but conservative groups are horrified.

    Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, believes that the agenda is aimed against people who step out of line.
    “We are getting to the point where if you are not careful, the slightest slip from the correct agenda in a Church of England school will get you punished,” the head of Christian Concern told the Daily Mail. “…the anti-bullies are becoming the bullies.” 

    Meanwhile, a leading chain of tax-funded nurseries has announced that it is brainwashing toddlers to be ‘LGBTQ+ tolerant’ and to introduce two and three year olds to homosexual drag queens.
    Bottom of Form

    Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) is holding sessions at seven nurseries run by the London Early Years Foundation over the winter. They will then be rolled out in thirty more nurseries.

    The drag queens at DQST include Donna La Mode, who wears a ginger wig and is described as ‘the Fairy Queen of the drag world’.
    The tax-funded perverts read homosexualised nursery rhymes and sing songs ‘to teach children about LGBT tolerance’.
    Twisted nursery bosses say the sessions are needed so that children can grow up to combat hate crime.

    They target two and three-year-olds to influence them early, as they say at this age children have not yet developed any discriminatory ‘isms’.

    The aim of Drag Queen Story Times is, according to its website, ‘to capture the imagination and fun of the gender fluidity of childhood while giving children a glamorous, positive, openly queer role model’.

    Quote. ‘On trans-themes, we’ve got a book called Introducing Teddy. The teddy realises she’s a girl teddy, not a boy teddy, and is worried her owner won’t like her any more. It’s a cute book.

    ‘We include, for example, drag queen references within songs. So if you’re doing something like Wheels On The Bus, you can sing, “The skirt on the drag queen goes swish, swish, swish.”

    ‘The parents love it, and the children love it too – especially when you’ve got a six-year-old boy there in a princess dress which he isn’t allowed to wear at home because his dad doesn’t like it.’ Unquote.

    So one moment he’s telling us that parents love having their children brainwashed and, the next, he’s admitting that parents don’t accept it – and laughing about the fact that he and his fellow perverts are doing it anyway.

    June O’Sullivan, boss of the nursery chain, told BBC London radio it was good to expose very young children to men who dress as women, ‘because children are very open until about three’.

    At least they’re honest about their brainwashing intentions! As the old saying goes: As bends the twig, so grows the tree.
    And this mental paedophilia, remember, is funded by a supposedly conservative government, with taxpayers’ money. And speaking out against it is regarded as hate crime.

    Despite which, the KTI will continue to speak out on this. Because it is not a crime to stay true to the Bible. Or to point out that perversion and insanity on this scale are specifically listed in Scripture as a sign that the End Times are at hand. The end of the liberal West, for sure, because this simply cannot go on.

    Nor is it just the Anglican Church and the British government that are rotten to the core. On the same day, news broke that the Catholic Church has also surrendered to another part of the cultural Marxist attack on Christian values in schools.

    Parents applying to the Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Primary School in Wandsworth, south London, have to fill out admissions paperwork to register their child.
    The current form has spaces for the names of the “mother/guardian” and “father/guardian”.

    But following a complaint from a parent, the school was found guilty of discriminating against “separated, step and gay parents”.
    Hundreds of Catholic schools across England and Wales have already replaced “mother” and “father” with “parent one” and “parent two”, or simply “parent/s”.

    The chairman of the Campaign for Real Education told the Sunday Times: “w should not be placing ‘mother’ and ‘father’ on a list of forbidden words.

    “We should, instead, be accommodating these cherished foundation stones of our civilisation. The decision to remove them is profoundly undemocratic and illiberal and is a capitulation to a form of politically correct fascism.” Unquote

    Indeed it is. But after a few moans from the right-wing press, these two latest steps forward for the anti-Christian revolution will be forgotten, and the cultural Marxists and their homosexualist allies will move on to the next target. And then the next.

    This evil is too deeply entrenched, and has too much support among even the ‘conservative’ section of the elite, for it to be resistible. The only solution is to get your children away from it. You can do this through home-schooling, or by moving to a sane nation in central Europe, or to a healthy, self-contained community in the USA. There is no alternative, because the liberal war on traditional Christian values and on human nature is now moving from persuasion to repression.
    In another outburst by Archbishop Welby this week, the tolerant mask slipped as he slammed Anglican churches in Africa for upholding Biblical teachings.

    Welby threatened millions of Africans with quote “consequences” unquote for their support of the continued ban on sodomy.
    Four African countries have anti-sodomy laws, and Anglican leaders in Uganda and Nigeria have openly supported them.

    Quote: “The prevailing ideology of gay activists not only undermines the Bible’s message, which is deliberate on their part, but it is also an attack on the foundations of our society,” stated the Church of Uganda in its support for the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.
    But speaking in Westminster, Archbishop Welby threatened that the African churches could be suspended from the Anglican Communion if they insist on staying true to the Bible.

    A further sign of the growing rift between the ultra-liberal West and traditional Christians, came from Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah, who this week praised Poland for rejecting the European Union’s suicide-by-immigration policy.

    Speaking at the Europa Christi conference in Warsaw, the brave African cardinal said that while every migrant is a human being who must be respected, that doesn’t mean that a country should compromise the common good through indiscriminate immigration. It is right for all nations to preserve their own identity.

    This is especially true when migrants come from another culture or another religion, since this makes their integration into a nation’s life more complex, he warned.

    Cardinal Sarah also criticized the decision by European leaders to distance themselves from the continent’s Christian roots, and to build its institutions on abstractions such as the free market, equality of individuals, and individualist human rights.

    According to Cardinal Sarah, the ideology of liberal individualism “promotes a blending that is supposed to erode the natural borders of homelands and cultures, and lead to a post-national and one-dimensional world where the only criteria are consumption and production.”

    So, as Western Europe slides to collapse and disaster, Christians in Africa and eastern Europe are left to protect and pass on the torch of Christendom.