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Poland to Muslims: “Here, Jesus is our KING, so get out!


When Polish priest Father Miedlar told his Polish people that the Globalist Leftist media propaganda in Poland and outside of Poland was trying to destroy Polish people…he was RIGHT. Here in America…for the past 5 decades…there has been a slander campaign against Polish people.

The “American” media and Hollywood here in America is controlled mostly by Leftists. Lies and slander against Polish people has been pushed by big media like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Hollywood and the TV networks. For example, the newspapers like the New York Times have slandered Polish people by calling Nazi GERMAN death camps as “Polish death camps”….and by referring to Polish people as “racists”, “xenophobes”, etc. just because Polish people don’t agree with the Leftist media’s stupid Leftist agenda.

Hollywood and its TV networks used Nazi Anti-Polish slurs to degrade Poles.

Since the 1960’s….the Leftist “American” TV networks NBC-TV, CBS-TV and ABC-TV have pushed Nazi ORIGINATED “Polish jokes” to degrade Polish people. WHY did they do that? The video you see above shows you why. Poland is the most conservative, anti-Left, patriotic, PRO-CHRISTIAN nation in Europe. And because of this…the Low Life Leftist bosses at these TV networks felt the Polish people were “backward’ and “dumb”.

The Leftist TV bosses KNEW the Polish people would never live up to their degenerate Leftist multicultural standards. Ironically and hypocritically, the Leftist TV networks claimed they were “anti-Nazi”….yet they LOVED pushing Nazi originated “Polish joke” slurs against Poles.