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Russia Responsible For Brexit!! DUN DUN DUUUUN!


Insanity level over 9000!

GUY Verhofstadt sparked a social media frenzy after he suggested Vladimir Putin’s agents in Russia could have meddled with Britain’s Brexit referendum.

The EU chief took to Twitter today to say: “Putin’s agents tried to influence the US election. We need to know if they interfered in the #Brexit vote too.”

His comment comes after it was revealed last week the British Parliament could launch an inquiry asking Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for information about Russian efforts to influence the European Union referendum last June.

Even Leave.EU members have backed an investigation, claiming it was “beyond laughable” that Russia had any influence on the vote.

But Mr Verhofstadt’s remark has sparked fury among Brexit supporters online who accused the EU itself for causing the leave vote on June 23.