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Manhattan Terrorist Attack Suspect, Victims & Aftermath on VIDEO (GRAPHIC)


Graphic images captured at the scene of the terrorist truck attack in Manhattan that killed eight people and injured at least a dozen more have emerged. They show the suspect, victims and emergency responders in the wake of the deadly incident.

The suspect drove a truck rented from Home Depot along a bike path in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood for at least 10 blocks on Tuesday. Police said the suspect deliberately hit a school bus, and witnesses say they heard the driver yell, “Allah u akbar,” before leaving the vehicle.

Police eventually apprehended the suspect, who is believed to be a so-called “lone wolf” attacker.

The suspected terrorist who mowed down pedestrians and cyclists in lower Manhattan has been identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbekistan native, law enforcement officials with knowledge of the investigation have told

The suspect is seen fleeing on foot in a Snapchat video taken by Tawhid Kabir.

The suspect is also seen exiting a Home Depot truck, and fleeing on foot, as shown in another video taken by Kabir.

More footage of the incident post-attack, shows authorities at the scene of the crime (GRAPHIC):

The suspect was lying down on the ground after police apprehended him, and is shown being taken into custody.