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Millionaire Reduced to Under Ł5 by Divorce


Looking at a recent example of a millionaire reduced to poverty after his divorce, Stefan Molyneux discusses the decay of marriage, erosion of strong families through subsidies and the perversion of incentives throughout western civilization.

A former mining tycoon has been left with just £5 in the bank after a 17-year divorce battle left him facing homelessness, it emerges today as a judge takes pity on him.
David Mann, 50, divorced his wife Shelley in 1999 when their now-adult daughters were still at primary school and agreed to support her for life.
But despite living in a £90,000-a-year rented flat in Kensington, Mr Mann says he is now penniless and drowning in debts.
He claims that since paying out £1.5million in the divorce settlement, he has become “reliant on the charity” of friends and family.