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The War For The Soul of the ‘Right’ CHARLOTTESVILLE – the evil characters behind the disaster


We need to talk about the Alt-Right. It’s a very mixed bag, covering a wide range of political opinions, but most of its leading figures have some very important things in common. Things that are not always good!

Because the Alt-Right keep getting attacked by the Soros-funded thugs of Antifa, quite a few traditional rightists tend to side with these well-publicised newcomers. Likewise, their strong stance against Islam also naturally appeals to many.

But, in fact, closer examination shows that this is one of those times when it is wise to recall the old adage that “my enemy’s enemy is not necessarily my friend”.

The KTI now have before us an exhaustive study of the Alt-Right. It has uncovered overwhelming and truly shocking evidence that the leadership of the Alt-Right – from the liberal wing right through to its neo-Nazi extreme, is awash with homosexuals, Satanists, left-wing provocateurs and the followers of Zionist fascists so extreme that the State of Israel rightly classifies them as domestic terrorists.

This research is now being collated into a full-length, illustrated book, which we gather will be published shortly as the Real Right responds to the challenge posed by the attempt by homosexuals, Satanists and atheists to hijack the ‘right-wing’.

Because the people running the Alt Right want to tear the entire patriotic movement away from its natural, Christian and conservative roots. They want to turn the growing numbers of red-pilled Millennials and Generation Zs into liberals who just happen to hate Muslims. The Sodomites and their allies and fellow travellers are waging a war for the very soul of the entire ‘right’ – and it’s time normal people like us wake up and fight back!

The Alt-Right includes a remarkably wide spectrum of ‘dissidents’, from libertarian Zionists and militant homosexuals right through to hardcore ‘Nazis’. But, as well as sharing a justified concern about radical Islam, a significant and growing proportion of the leaders have several closely related things in common:

They hold women in utter contempt. And they either say nothing about the demographic problem or claim that it doesn’t exist or that it doesn’t matter. While there are exceptions, the leaders of the Alt-Right are, all too often, as childless, as short-sighted and as selfish as their liberal counter-parts.

Another common denominator is that – apart from the ones who literally worship Satan – most of the leaders of the Alt-Right are committed and militant atheists – although they don’t admit that when they are asking for donations from America’s overwhelmingly Christian grass-roots.

And, of course, the grass-roots are right. The right-wing resistance – both to Islamisation and to the liberal disease of which it is merely a symptom – is fundamentally traditionalist and Christian. Because, before the struggle against liberalism and its disorders is political, cultural or physical, it is …..a moral and spiritual war.

One cannot win a moral war using immoral means, and homosexuality and its promotion are immoral. One cannot defeat evil using tendencies which are, at root, themselves Satanic.

Homosexuality, at the spiritual level, it is a sort of sexual Black Mass – the deliberate mockery of the love and sexuality between man and woman which is the God-given well-spring of all human life. The fascination of elements of the Alt-Right with human skulls, the occult and the political necrophilia of Hitlerism are further heavy hints as to the deeply unhealthy forces at work with these people. And the fact that the others tolerate such evil and regard them as colleagues tells us all we need to know about the whole rotten Alt-Right movement.

Now let us turn to practicalities. The West is on the high road to indigenous population collapse and an explosion of the immigrant, and in particular the Muslim, population. This can now only end in civil war, particularly in Western Europe.

This war, the war of Resistance and Reconquista, will be a Long War. It will at root be a demographic struggle, a war not just of the gun but also of the cradle.

If the peoples of Christendom are to win it, we can’t afford to lose ANY ‘breeding pairs’. The loss of one young man to homosexuality, no less than the loss of one young woman to Islam, can easily leave our people short of a dozen or even more adults forty or fifty years hence. The promotion of homosexuality, or even its portrayal as something ‘acceptable’, is thus a part of the ethnocide of the European peoples and the cultural Marxist war on Christianity. So let us not mince words about the promotors of homosexuality – they are the mortal enemies of our civilisation.

Likewise the anti-Muslim atheists who dominate the Alt-Right. Because, by undermining Christianity, they open the door for Islam to fill the void they help create.

Let’s get one thing straight, we are criticising the leaders, not the rank-and-file, many of whom are, indeed, ‘fine people’. The Alt-Right’s Millennial and later followers are the first significant number of middle class youngsters to rebel against the left for an entire lifetime.

Born to bear the full brunt of the coming Collapse of the West, Generation Z deserve better than ‘leaders’ whose ideas of ‘action’ centre on pseudo-intellectual waffle and KYJelly.

This is no way to fight back. The dark times ahead do not call for an ‘Alt-Right’, in which ‘alt’ means ‘alternative sexuality’. They call for men who are willing to fight and know how to do it. And for men who understand that women are not ‘sluts’ but a vital part of that same fight. Warriors in their own right too, and – most importantly – the mothers of warriors.

Homosexuals will always exist, and what they do is wrong at both moral and purely practical levels. But the Christian injunction to “hate the sin, not the sinner” in incumbent upon us all.

So we are not arguing for the persecution of homosexuals. There was much to commend the old military adage of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” But it is necessary – if the nations of the West are to survive the coming ‘perfect storm’ of demographic collapse and Islamist aggression – for homosexuality, alongside various other selfish habits, to be pushed firmly back into the closet.

What must be done is very simple: A ‘No Platform’ – policy ruthlessly enforced in each and every organisation. Do not give homosexuals or their apologists a platform. Do not share a platform with them. Do not advertise platforms run by or favouring homosexuals. And publicly admonish those who break this rule.

This is a matter of personal responsibility for every single individual on the ‘right’. Because people with our views are generally kind and polite, it can be tempting to stay quiet, to avoid criticism, to refuse to ‘judge’. But we have a duty to judge. We have a duty to speak out, for what is right and against what is wrong.

We all have a duty to make a stand on this issue, and to expose and to criticise those who refuse to do so, particularly the ‘straights’ who fail to uphold the virtue and central value of heterosexual love, marriage and families.

And it is most certainly essential that the vanguard movements of the fight back – whether youth groups, street fighting bodies, campaign networks, cultural organisations, churches or political parties – are all 100% committed to doing everything possible to maximise the number of young men and women marrying and rearing large families.

The heterosexual family is the foundation stone of the coming Resistance and Reconquista, and anything which threatens, subverts or diminishes its status must be rejected as anathema.

Why are the Knights Templar International speaking out about this? After all, it will draw down a lot of flak on us from those who do not appreciate the truth. Well, we do not care what people say about us. We only care about doing what is right!

We are revolutionary traditionalists and Christians; we do not accept the label ‘Alt- Right’ at all. We are the ETERNAL Right. We have a worldview based not on ‘alternative’ lifestyles, on some sickly, self-obsessed set of ‘choices’, but on an unchanging set of traditional values, on rock solid Chriistian certainties.

We hold to the traditional values which guide us and which will, God willing, guide our descendants through the Reconquest of the lands that liberalism has given away, and through the Great Rebuilding which will follow the Age of Darkness against which it is our fate, and our honour, to hold up the candle of light and truth.

There is nothing ‘alternative right’ about the things in which we believe and for which we stand. They are, simply, right. And all other interpretations or lifestyles are wrong. The ancient traditions of our people and our Faith are right. We are right. Eternally Right. Deus Vult!

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

— Ephesians 5:11

Source: Knights Templar International

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