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Irishman on Hunger Strike Until Lawmakers Watch Abortion Video


A Dublin man has gone on a hunger strike until politicians watch a video about dismemberment abortions.

While Ireland is engaging in a heated national debate over whether to repeal the country’s Eighth Amendment banning abortion, one man started a hunger strike on Monday to force lawmakers to watch a video on what exactly abortion is.

Tim Jackson, an independent candidate who ran for Ireland’s parliament in 2016, wants Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s first openly gay prime minister and the Oireachtas Committee on Abortion to watch exactly how a child would be killed in a dismemberment abortion before they continue discussion on the referendum to repeal the country’s ban on abortion

Jackson says, “Our leaders apparently don’t want to face the ugly truth of how the child is killed, despite pushing for a repeal of the Eighth Amendment.” Launching his hunger strike at the lower house of the Irish parliament with a Facebook post, he says he will only be drinking water but won’t starve himself to death.

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