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White Woman Changes Her Skin Black with Injections & Racist Blacks HATE Her For It


We won’t comment this story, it’s just to bizarre and sad and beyond our grasp. For the sake of simple facts, the only thing we want to point at — reflecting to the quoted comments below — is that her doctor used a synthetic injection, not organic melanin to create this freak. Now read the comments from these simple minds:

“To be honest, I use to get really upset about these kinds of stuff. Because it took majority of my life to love who I am and being Black. But now, as I mature & learn more I realize that they can do all the copying and plastic surgery that they want. But they can never be or ever will be a Black woman. Their race is dying off anyways, & over time it wouldn’t be anymore of them. I believe that that is one of the reasons why they are trying to kill so many of us. Especially Black men. But you can’t kill the beginning.”

“this is why our black people are coming up missing”

“her skin looks an unnatural brown color. tans on white women always look unnatural”

“Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby.”

“They want that MELANIN. She look horrible YUCK. We know who’s taking and killing our babies. Fucking Devils.”

“Black people better wake up!!! Where do think they are getting the MELANIN from? OMG! GET OUT IS REAL! YOU GUYS SHOULD NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY… WHERE ARE ALL OF THE BLACK WHO ARE MISSING???? IN HER ASS! I AM SO UPSET!”

“the saddest thing about this is the melanin she is using is from the black youths and people that were missing and killed for organ harvesting.”

“What we should be asking is where she’s getting the melanin from ? Black girls and women are going missing go figure. It’s a crying shame.”

“All I can say is black people love your melanin, it was never a curse only a blessing upon blessings ✨”

“they act racist but now want our color this is sad”

“Black women, your melanin is power and your body is designed to be as strong as the earth. She doesn’t have in her the type of physical and mental strength of the African woman.”

“People of other Races Want to be us. That should let black people know we are the Shit. we’re Special. We black Women are the real deal. You people are fake Artificial. we are Organic!!!!!”

“Wake up people… Let’s think… If you drink lemonade and ingredients say made with orange extract…. You gonna pause cuz lemonade is made from lemons… So if melanin is found in dark black skin…. Hmmmm how she get them injections though? 🤔I mean it’s pretty obvious. Sad for the ones who lost their life for this tragic abomination.”


“they stole from us! by kidnapping blacks globally. its the only way of pure survival on earth. facts! & for those who got something to say about facts…. stfu!!! last time i checked there melanin is $357 /gram on stock market exchange.”

“How many black People had to die for her to get those injections ”

“That’s racist.”

“White people secretly worship black people.”

“100s of 1,000’s of black girls and women continue to go MISSING! not to mention the 1,000’s of black men killed and MISSING! WHITE PEOPLE ARE WEARING THEM!”

“looks like Every race is trying to be like the melanin race. black people we are truly special.”

“litte do they know these creater or trying there DNA. trying to make there race stronger before lord almighty..i feel sorry for them how speaks in that’s way ..Its a damm shame they giving up there blessing to lord almighty…”

“This is exactly why when I was in graduate school and a racist, hateful pale female, who NEVER liked or talked to me was talking to her friends in class about the recent tan she received on vacation. She had the nerve to walk over to me where I was sitting in class by myself studying, and proceeded to put her arm up against mine to compare her so-called tan to my normally cafe-au-lait-colored skin. I merely said, “Mine is a gift from God”. I could tell this burned her up, but she and the others said nothing after I made that comment. The jealousy of our skin color is real, believe that!”

“This is serius we need to stop thiss!!! a kid in my neighborhood got kidnappd… they found him a week later and his skin was all pale… white peple stealing our melanin needs to stop. WAKE UP”

“She wasn’t attractive to begin with. She looks like a science project. Just hideous. Y’all be careful out there, please. Stay off your damn cell phones, stop being oblivious and watch your children like HAWKS. Notice when our people are kidnapped, they’re dark skinned. Coincidence? Nope. Dafuq are these doctors getting melanin from? Marinate on that.”

“These Neanderthals are just so fascinated with us…”

“Thank you for this awesome video!! I am a white South African, and I appreciate that you stand up for your African roots the way you do. I know that I dont really have anything to do with being black except for being born in Africa and being kind of raised by a black woman(still doesnt make me black tho), but your message touched me. Many of my black friends try to be as light as they possibly can be and I am shocked everytime they say that, because BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!! I love the way black people look with their amazing complection and hair, they are so unique and special, I would lie if I said that I have never been jealous of a black girl’s beauty, but it’s not my place to try and look like them and shame their beautiful culture, because lets be honest, I would look like a burnt marshmallow. I really appreciate that you made this video, and also your other videos!! I love that you are not racist in what you say, but that you rather try to set things right!! You are awesome!!❤❤”

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