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THE EASTERN RELIGIONS — Many adherents, many falsehoods.


As we said in yesterday’s Vortex, all this week we are like so many of you in the “back to school” mindset. We are taking advantage of the end of summer — and “back to school” attitude that defines the lives of so many Americans this time of year — to emphasize a “back to school about the faith” approach.

Today is a back to basics about the Catholic Church in relation to all non-Christian religions, specifically the so-called non-monotheistic types — religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism and a host of other similar faiths and how they stand in relation to the Catholic Church.

Pope St. John Paul II caused quite the stir, back in the day, when he wrote and correctly identified that Buddhism is not a religion because it does not admit of a divinity. Buddhism is more of a philosophical approach to life which claims to provide a way to join oneself to a higher state of existence. It is not strictly speaking a religion. Since there is no acknowledgment of divinity within Buddhism, it should be very clear how it stands in relation to Catholicism.