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Eclipse of Morality – Millions Die Because of It!


Is anyone else sick of the hypocritical moaning of the Left about racism and hatred and so forth? Yes, the events in Charlottesville were awful. No one should ever want to see someone be killed because they oppose them politically in a street demonstration.

But where is the howling and crocodile tears and explosion of anger over the thousands of children killed by hatred and love of money every day in the womb? I’m sorry, but it’s difficult to get worked up over violent clashes even when they result in a person being killed when the same people expressing such outrage never uttered a word in defense, never shed a tear for an innocent child being killed or a million a year, just so they can keep feeding the machinery of the hook up culture.

No one should be surprised that a culture which has condoned the murder of 60 million children through surgical abortion and absolved their consciences of it by calling it a constitutional right, all of a sudden witnesses violent outbursts in the streets, some of them even occasionally turning fatal.