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Charlottesville – “we walked into a trap!” You can say that again!


On their website, The Knights Templar International wrote an excellent fact-finding article of the background of the Charlottesville rally. We decided to republish it here.

“We walked right into a trap in Charlottesville.” That’s what ‘Based Southern Girl’ says in her shocking eye-witness account of what happened at Charlottesville. And she’s right – but in more ways than she thinks.

Because Charlottesville was a trap at two levels. The first was physical:

The far-left – dominated by designated domestic terrorist gang Antifa, three different Communist parties and the racist Black Lives Matter mob – worked with the governor and his compliant police force to trap the so-called Unite the Right protesters. They subjected them to hours of aggression until they provoked the reaction the Fake News Media needed to demonise both the pro-Confederate heritage cause and Donald Trump.

We have been told by other eye-witnesses that the collusion between the politicised police and the far-left in the plan to cause violence was best shown by the way in which the Oathkeepers and other armed militia groups who attended simply to keep the peace were disarmed and immobilised by the police, while the thugs of Antifa were allowed to carry their batons, baseball bats, mace sprays and other weapons and to attack the right-wing protesters, 80% of whom were genuine conservatives with no connection to the Alt-Right at all.

That trap worked a treat. The ‘Alt-Right’ walked straight into it. And now we’re seeing the far-left and anti-white racists running amok. They’re tearing down statues. They’re desecrating the graves of Confederate war heroes.

And – their primary aim – they and the Fake News Media have backed President Trump into a corner. If he now tries to carry on with his stand for real equality and justice by abolishing racist ‘affirmative action’ programmes, they’ll hammer him into the ground with shrieks of “KKK” and “Nazi”.

Just like the same “very bad people” did with the fake Russiagate story, they’ve pushed America’s elected President into a position where he can only do the right thing by the American people at the cost of enormous political damage to himself.

So that’s the first trap. What’s the second?

Simply put: It’s the Alt-Right!

The far-left, Antifa and the rest of the Soros-funded thugs and freaks, are not right. But nor is the Alt-Right. In fact, it’s very wrong!

We’re not just talking here about the Alt-Lite, the ‘moderate’ wing – homosexualists such as Milo, the gay-friendly Proud Boys, or Zionists such as Ezra Levant.

We’re specifically talking about and condemning the hardcore Alt-Right, the ones who hijacked the concerns of perfectly legitimate Christian mainstream Americans about the cultural Marxist assault on the Confederate heritage of the South, and got the whole movement tarnished with the ugly bigotry indelibly associated with the KKK and the Swastika.

They are not ‘right’ at all!

Take a look at the individuals named as speakers. Because we’ve done just a bit of digging and this is what we quickly found:


A self-confessed Satanist who freely admits to having slaughtered a goat and drunk its still warm blood as a ‘sacrifice’ Seen above with a Satanist symbol desecrating an American flag. He was a member of Alistair Crowley’s Order of the Temple of the East for eleven years.

He is a close associate of homosexual Satanist Jack Donovan, one of the main ‘intellectual’ heroes of the Alt-Right and a regular platform speaker at Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute. Donovan, whose works of ‘art’ have included revoltingly blasphemous images of Jesus Christ in a homosexual orgy, tattooed a fascist symbol onto Invictus.


Until 2016, Kessler was openly an activist for Obama and the Occupy movement. On his own blog he admits to being a pro-abortion, vegetarian atheist. As he says  “I’m far from a card-carrying conservative”.

So are we the only ones who smell a rat when someone like Kessler collaborates with the Communist-inspired, George Soros-funded ACLU to ensure that the ‘Unite the Right’ protest went ahead? Because it became the biggest PR disaster for Donald Trump since the Alt-Right’s Richard Spencer (also a key figure among those pushing for the counter-productive confrontation at Charlottesville) pulled his ‘Heil Trump’ stunt. Cui bono?


Libertarian former leftist and former Tour Manager on homosexualist Milo Yiannopolous’ “Dangerous Faggot” tour.


Describes himself as an “anarchist and atheist”.


Moved within months from being an arch neocon, ardent fan of Israel and multi-culturalist to being the hardcore Nazi on show at Charlottesville. Heimbach is widely distrusted even by fellow Nazis although, to be fair to him, that may be because he is a Christian, married with a child and has strongly criticised the tendency of America’s neo-Nazi and racist fringe to homosexualism.


Originally another libertarian, Dickinson now describes himself as a ‘Redneck Zionist’. What on earth is he doing running with Nazis? Perhaps he thinks they’re dumb enough to pour money into his CounterFund money-raising scheme?


Real name John Ramondetta, he is another former Occupy activist. This self-confessed drug abuser, who has two counts for trafficking cocaine, suddenly ‘switched sides’ in 2015 to join the Alt-Right and become a hardcore neo-Nazi.


Real name Kyle Chapman, Based Stickman is a career criminal with three prison sentences behind him. Notorious as a user of cocaine, LSD and meth, Chapman was put in charge of the Alt-Lite gay-friendly Proud Boys ‘Alt-Knight’ wing, which he set about organising with Satanist Augustus Invictus as his right hand man.

Above: Founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes (left) kissing Alt-Lite gay icon Milo. McInnes went on to appoint Based Stickman to run his would-be private militia. Both Proud Boys and Alt-Knights were among those at the Charlottesville Trap.

Satanists. Occupy activists. Nazis. Supporters of baby-murder. Homosexualist collaborators. These, then, are the individuals who led thousands of well-meaning and decent patriots into the far-left trap at Charlottesville.

These are the people responsible for the fact that the entirely predictable events that happened there have now empowered the far-left to roll out its war of cultural extermination against the heritage of the Southern States. A war which, once over in the former CSA, will roll on to be a war against the frontier heritage of the entire USA, because that too was ‘racist’ and is a great stick with which to beat white Christian America.

And these are the people who have handed the Fake News media the weapon they need to beat Donald Trump if he presses on with his efforts to undo the dangerously divisive race-based ‘affirmative action’ programmes of the Obama years.

Alt-Right? All wrong! 

Just because these people call themselves ‘right’ doesn’t make them so. Just because the unspeakable repulsive far-left attacks them doesn’t make them our allies, and they are not.

Rather, from ‘Heilgate’ to Charlottesville, they have done and continue to do immense damage to the cause of the Real Right with their anti-Christian ideologies and fundamentally liberal attitudes on core issues such as abortion and the homosexualism that is the spear-point of the cultural Marxist war on the family and on Christian tradition.

By accident, stupidity or design, they are perverting our message and subverting our sacred Cause.

If you find this message uncomfortable, please read it again, check our facts for yourself and sit down and think about it. If you then realise that we are right, welcome aboard!

If you are still not ready for these truths and for our uncompromising analysis, it’s probably better that you go away and learn the hard way. You’ll probably be back and “there is more joy in Heaven over one sinner who repents…”

As for the hardcore ‘Alt-Rightists’, if – after all the evidence – they stand against us with these Satanists, Nazis, abortionists, far-left plants, Deep State informers and all the rest of the scum, we look forward to the day when they all share the hottest part in Hell with the neocon traitors and Islamic terrorists.