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The Clergy Just Don’t Get It…


There is much to be resisted in the Church these days. As painful and dreadful as that fact may be, it’s the truth. Our normal instinct as Catholics is to see the clergy as holy or at least more dedicated to holiness than the laity, striving to bring us stubborn laity along, we, who are more concerned with the world, like dragging a donkey that doesn’t want to move.

In the past few decades, however, this paradigm seems to have reversed. There are now so many instances of clergy utterly unconcerned with their personal holiness or the holiness of souls entrusted to them, it’s hard to believe, yet it’s true. This is not to say, of course, that there are not good, holy priests. There are many, just as not all bishops are weak or bad or wicked or ambitious. But the good men, meaning those who are deeply in love with the Son of God, are proving to be the exceptions.

Despite the presence of these good men, the system itself, the clerical system, is corrupt in that it prevents the proliferation of these good men, and it’s largely successful in ensuring they never gain solid footing from which to initiate much-needed reform. Too many leaders, meaning mostly bishops, don’t “get it.” For whatever reason, they are blind to the reality that the system by which they came to power is broken. They look for men like themselves and promote these men from within that crowd, who tend to be like them — tepid and frightened to say or do anything that will draw the ire of the world.