JK Rowling is a Vile Piece of Sh*t


    No Trump didn’t ignore a disabled boy, you utter moron. It’s funny to see how this silly woman believes and spreads everything that seems to prove her disillusional fantasies of an evil Donald Trump.

    It’s also quite remarkable to see yet again fake news created with the same method: show the people a short clip in which Trump seems to ignore a child’s wish, tell everyone how evil he is and ignore the real evidence (the whole scene recorded from a different angle) proving nothing happened.

    Remember the kid with the MAGA hat? Remember CNN editing out that tiny little speech about “bring it to the suburbs – burn that shit down!”? Remember CNN staging a protest? Remember the White Helmets paying a child’s father for taking his son to a photoshoot to fake evidence of a bombing?

    Fake News is real! Keep your eyes open, people! Read and watch British Free Press and learn the real news!