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Grandmother Beaten By Robbers Day Before Her Husband’s Funeral


An Arizona grandmother was beaten so badly by an intruder the night before her late husband’s funeral that she was too injured to attend the farewell ceremony.

Virginia, an 82-year-old woman from Central Heights, was so badly hurt in the attack last Friday that she was forced to skip her own husband’s funeral the next day, according to an account from social media user Deanna King-Poeling.


Her ‘heartbroken’ granddaughter is now offering a reward to anyone who knows anything about the attack, reports King-Poeling who posted an account of Virginia’s ordeal on Facebook, courtesy of the family.

Virginia’s granddaughter was the last to see her prior to the attack, at her home. The family has spent an evening deciding what Virigina would were to her late husband’s funeral the following day.

Deanna continued, adding the octogenarian lay in a pool of her own blood for three hours while her house was trashed by the intruder and they stole her belongings.

Gila County Sheriff’s Office ave since confirmed there were two intruders, only one of whom Virginia has been able to recall and describe, according to 12 News.

The injuries Virigina sustained in the disgusting attack left her with a broken nose, unable to go to the funeral.