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‘Ghost plane’ takes off from Turkey 115 passengers lighter after booting nearly everyone off after a technical fault


Anyone who has wished for more space on a flight might be jealous of a dozen passengers who had the plane to themselves as they cruised back from Turkey.

Bizarre footage has emerged of a Thomas Cook flight from Turkey to Manchester which shows just a handful of passengers on board.

It was shot by Michael Johnson, who was returning from holiday with his family when he says plane crew started asking if people would be willing to get off and spend an extra night in Turkey.

‘We boarded the aircraft and sat for 45 minutes in boiling temperatures without knowing why.

‘I asked one of the cabin crew and was told the plane hadn’t been working.

‘They thought they could fix it, but it took 45 minutes for the captain to tell us what was going on.

‘He said the plane could fly but it had to unload 115 passengers, so they wanted volunteers.

‘They would be put up for the night and given 400 euros.’

According to Mr Johnson, nearly everyone on the plane volunteered to take the cash and the extra stay, so they didn’t make it back off.

Mr Johnson’s video was taken as the handful of passengers made their way back to the UK and shows people dozing and napping, though few seem to be taking full advantage of the extra space.