Home Christian values MILITANT? YOU BET YOUR ETERNAL LIFE! – Militancy for Christ is holiness.

MILITANT? YOU BET YOUR ETERNAL LIFE! – Militancy for Christ is holiness.


The attack against Church Militant from the liberal clergy in the Vatican is basically centered around the idea that this apostolate is “militant.” Guilty as charged Fr. Spadaro. In fact, what we talk about is that you guys are not militant. Ever heard of the Church Militant?

Pope Benedict, whom you all loathe so much, brought the millennia-old expression back into vogue when he said at a lunch for cardinals in May 2012: “Today the phrase ecclesia militans is somewhat out of fashion, but in fact we can understand ever more so that it is true, that it contains within it the truth. We see how evil wishes to dominate in the world and that it is necessary to fight against evil.” Well, that pretty much sums up what you and the effeminate, feminized clergy currently running the show, currently running the show, don’t like about muscular Catholicism.

You all would much prefer to slink about in the shadows and issue vague, ponderous statements that no one knows exactly what they mean because that’s how you can accomplish all your evil — through stealth and petty, behind-the-scenes politicking, like a bunch of mean high school girls. That’s how you operate, always thinking of politics, always weighing what’s to your advantage and what can help or derail the agenda of your anti-Church.