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WATCH: Protesters burn UK flag outside UK’s main mosque


1. Militant using loudspeaker shouts ”God is Great”
2. Wide shot of another militant shouting ”UK, you will pay, Bin Laden on his way”
3. Wide of militant supporters and press
4. SOUNDBITE (English) Abdulrahman Saleem, Al Muhajiroun:
“Tony Blair has been warned. Pull your troops out of Afghanistan. Pull your troops out of Iraq. If you do not pull your troops out, you will get bloodshed on the streets of London.”
5. Pan across demonstration
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Anjem Choudhary, Al Muhajiroun:
“Anyone who cooperates with the Muslim Council of Britain, who cooperates with the police to arrest a fellow Muslim, has committed an act of apostasy.”
7. Militants setting fire to British flag
8. Moderate Muslims try to block camera from filming
9. Close-up of British flag on fire as militants shout ”Jihad”
10. Moderate and militant Muslims arguing
11. Policeman watching protest
12. SOUNDBITE (English) Masood Bazak, Moderate Muslim:
“That”s disgusting. These guys don”t represent me, and they probably don”t represent most MusIims in this country. They do a disservice not only to living here in the UK, but also a major disservice to Muslims.”
13. Wide shot of mosque
Militant Muslim demonstrators burned the British flag outside London”s main mosque on Friday.
Members of the radical al-Muhajiroun movement held their protest outside the Regent”s Park mosque where the vast majority of worshippers are moderates.
The militants called for holy war, and warned Tony Blair there”d be bloodshed on the streets of London unless Britain pulled its troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
But the protest angered moderate worshippers who said it sent out the wrong message about Islam.
Tensions within the Muslim community rose this week after British police arrested a number of Muslims for alleged terrorist offences – prompting the moderate British Council of Muslims to issue a letter calling for Muslim clerics to urge worshippers to report any suspicious activity to the police.