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Minister DEMANDS the EU acts as 1,900 migrants land on Spanish land this year alone

Spain’s Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, has revealed 1,887 immigrants have been successful in entering the country in 2017 alone – while others are dying at sea.

Migrants are coming through Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla and crossing the Gibraltar Strait in dinghies, the Spanish parliament heard.

As bodies continue to wash up on the shores of Spanish beaches, immigration policy is being reconsidered.

Mr Zoido has insisted immigration policy in the European Union (EU) must be called into line – from the chaos of all states having different approaches to refugees.

The minister wants all countries to agree to an improved registration system for everyone entering the EU.

Spanish politicians have insisted their country is providing a “warm welcome” to those descending on their shores.

Migrants rescued at sea

Yet the nation was criticised in 2016 for being slow to resettle asylum seekers.

According to government figures, 1,400 migrants resettled in the country so far in 2017 – short of the target.

But some NGOs have estimated this number is actually at 1,100.

Juan Ignacio ZoidoJuan Ignacio Zoido interior minister for Spain

Mr Zoido insisted the government’s target is to promote a “legal and orderly” immigration process that benefits immigrants

Last week 160,000 marched in Barcelona to convince the government to take more migrants.

Migrants in Spain

Jacint Comelles, 62, said: “We demand this minimum amount of dignity – that at least this number of refugees (16,000) can come.

“In Catalonia, everything is ready to welcome them.”

Mr Zoido claimed it is time the EU worked closely with source countries like Morocco on prevention at the source, adequate control of borders an the fight against traffickers.


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