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Dozens of migrants fight with police after trying to sneak onto UK-bound lorries in Calais

French police were forced to draft in the canine unit after a group of 30 migrants became aggressive when officers stopped them travelling to the UK illegally.

A police report states officers were called to a service station car park in the industrial zone of Marcel Doret in the south-east of Calais.

They found the “drunk” migrants trying to gain entry into lorries and tried to disperse the crowd, but they became violent, according to the police statement.

French police said: “The policemen managed to disperse the migrants at first but were subsequently crushed.

“The migrants were alcoholic and aggressive, they launched projectiles on the police.”

It was at this stage officers called in the canine unit to help disperse the migrants, keeping the dogs on a leash to make sure no injuries were caused.

Calais migrant refugee asylum seeker

Police said there was no damage caused to any vehicles and the migrants eventually disappeared into the night.

Calais is seeing a resurgence in the number of asylum seekers and refugees flocking to the coastal region, just a stone’s throw from the White Cliffs of Dover.

Locals report between 100 and 150 appear to be permanently based in Calais again – the highest number since the infamous Jungle camp closed in early November.

Migrants from the camp initially largely travelled to Paris, where they set up makeshift camps in the city centre.

Police and locals have reported no new camps springing up as yet, but the return of potentially hundreds of migrants to Calais could preclude the development of another migrant site in the area.


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