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TERROR IN GERMANY: Cologne Cathedral to hire Christian private security guards


The German city is bringing in a host of stringent new measures in response to a culture of terror on the continent.

Cathedral provost Gerd Bachner confirmed from March 1 there will be a ban on large suitcases, travel and hiking bags into the cathedral.

Other bags will be subject to a more rigorous vetting procedure, and a private security firm will join the cathedral’s staff conducting random bag searches and pocket checks at the entrance.

Mr Bachner failed to elaborate what size bag would fall foul of the new rules.

And despite the host of new measures being introduced, security doors would not be installed.

He told a press conference that people “must not be afraid” when they visit the religious building.

But Mr Bachner admitted: “We have to do more to ensure safety.”

He ensured that all stuff would still act “proportionately”.

Some of the new measures will be permanent, but the cathedral added they had not yet signed a contract with a security firm.

And the new security guards, while they need not be Catholic, are expected to follow Christianity in some form.

The city witnessed an en masse sex attack during New Year’s Eve 2015, where over 1,000 complaints of sexual violence were made.

Hundreds of women claimed they were the victim of a sexual attack, reportedly carried out by groups of migrants, across the city.

Despite the massive volume of complaints and alleged victims, very few people were arrested or convicted in connection with the crimes, leading to an outcry.

Last December statistics showed some 1,222 criminal complaints had been investigated by police, of which 500 were sexual assaults.

The remainder related to violence and theft.

The city was also on high alert after the Berlin Christmas market massacre which left 12 people dead.

Cologne was turned into a ‘security zone’ after the attack in 2016, which saw armed police drafted in to checkpoints amid fears of a similar terror siege.

Continental countries, particularly France, Germany and Belgium, have been rocked by multiple terror attacks over the past 18 months, leaving hundreds dead or injured.



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