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‘Stop obeying the EU’ Le Pen BLASTS Italy for bowing down to Brussels over migrant crisis


The French presidential hopeful said “radical” reforms are needed to end the migrant crisis engulfing the bloc.

And she urged Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni to take action instead of bowing down to Europeats.

Ms Le Pen said: “As long as Italy obeys the EU’s diktat, it will be impossible to eliminate the problem of illegal immigration.

“We need a bilateral agreement between Italy and France to intercept migrant boats, make sure they are safe and send them back.”

The outspoken right-winger made the comments while visiting Menton, a commune on the French-Italian border.

She also said she was “disturbed” by figures showing the extend of migrant flows between the two countries.

The Front National leader said: “Every time an illegal immigrant touches the EU’s shores, there are at least ten others who try to do the same thing.

We all know outcome is catastrophic. Three thousand people dying in the Mediterranean Sea is an insurmountable human drama.”

And she warned ISIS jihadists could take advantage of the border chaos, saying: “Border control is essential in the fight against terrorism.”

Ms Le Pen also condemned a French farmer found guility of smuggling 200 migrants into the country.

She said: “This is a man that claims to act for humanitarian reasons, but he is really a militant of the extreme left.

“People who fight against the nation, the borders and the rights of the French people to protect themselves, driven by ideological reasons.”


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