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‘You’ve got to accept a democratic result’ Salmond red-faced as old footage emerges


Former First Minister Alex Salmond has battled along with Nicola Sturgeon to promote the possibility of a second independence referendum in Scotland.

The 62-year-old MP has also been criticised for failing to accept the Brexit vote after he voted against giving Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50 last week.

However old footage has emerged of Mr Salmond in 1992 insisting that referendums are there to be respected.

He said: “But there is one more requirement in referendum. That is you have got to learn to accept a democratic result.”

Mr Salmond received a huge amount of applause from the crowd following his comments in the footage.

He then added: “There are very few countries in the world which having had a referendum, didn’t go by the majority, which took place in that vote.”

Mr Salmond was met with angry commentators online who slammed him for changing his views as he promotes a second Independence referendum, despite Scottish people voting to stay in the UK in 2014.

The MP wrote: “game on” on Twitter to his 250,000 followers which referenced an increase of support for another Scottish independece referendum.

Speaking after the Article 50 vote last week, Mr Salmond reiterated the First Minister’s views that a second Independence referendum would be highly likely, going against his statement made in 1992.

Mr Salmond was furious the Prime Minister has decided that she will sever ties between the UK and the EU as she plans to pull Britain out of the single market if she cannot get concessions on freedom of movement.

Online users skewered the Scottish politician for his comments made over two decades ago.

One said: “A very different tone we see today from a man who lost the only thing that has ever truly mattered to him.”

Another added: “He won’t like this video. How things come back to haunt.”

“Except when the result isn’t what you want, then you can just ignore it and crack on,” a third finished.


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