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Team GB & British national sides ‘may be forced to wear EU FLAGS on SHIRTS’ by Brussels


If dramatic proposals are given the go-ahead, a host of British sporting teams may have to display the EU logo along with the the more traditional flags as the crumbling bloc looks to assert a European identity on all member states.

Team GB kits would look dramatically different as the EU flag would take pride of place alongside the Union flag and the Three Lions on the England football shirt could be surrounded by the 12-star EU logo.

The measure would also force the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh teams to don the European symbol alongside their traditional emblem.

All other competing nations at the World Cup and Olympics who are also in the EU would be forced to adopt the policy as well.

Rugby, cricket and a host of other sports may also be affected by the legislation.

Stadiums may have to adopt the new policy proposed in a European Parliament paper entitled “an integrated approach to sport”.

The culture and education committee document added that major sporting event “provide a great opportunity for organised sports to promote positive value” and as a “driver for tourism and local businesses”.

The report added that “sport is a powerful factor in creating and strengthening a feeling of local, national and even European belonging”.

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to approve the report and is now being passed to the executive arm who will deliberate whether to draw them into legislation.

Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin said it was just “another example of the EU wrapping bad ideas up in an attractive banner and expecting us to turn a blind eye”.

She told the Daily Mail that her party colleagues would vote to slap down the bill.

Miss McClarkin added: “Once again the EU is trying to impose an artificial European identity on people by straying into an area in which it simply has no role.

“Sports teams are part of a country’s identity and it is not just the British who see no place for the EU emblem on their footballers and athletes.”

The European Parliament had previously voted to encourage national sports team to wear the EU flag on shirts in 2011.



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