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MPs vote in favour of triggering Article 50 as Brexit passes Commons hurdle


498 voted in favour of giving the Bill a second reading, with 114 against, with a majority of 384 backing the Bill.

MPs clashed during two days of debate over the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill.

Prime Minister Theresa May told MPs earlier that the vote to give the Bill a second reading would decide whether to deny the will of the British people.

The legislation allows the Prime Minister to decide when to trigger Article 50 and begin the two-year process of negotiation on Brexit.

Around 90 MPs were expected to vote against the bill – including around 48 Labour rebels.

The vote has sparked chaos for the Labour Party with shadow ministers Dawn Butler and Rachael Maskell, resigning from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet despite the Labour leader ordering his MPs to back the second reading of the Bill.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, a close ally of Mr Corbyn, did not vote.

A Labour source said she was “taken ill” and left Parliament at about 5pm.

Labour rebel Ben Bradshaw said: “This is the single most important issue of any our lifetimes.”

He said he was “really worried about the implications of a hard Brexit.”

Speaking after the vote, Ken Clarke said “the battle has only really just begun”.

Mr Clarke is the only Tory to vote against the Bill.

In the first vote of the night, MPs voted against the Scottish National Party amendment declining to give the Bill a second reading.

The SNP-led plot to derail Brexit was foiled as Article 50 cleared its first hurdle in Parliament in a major blow to Nicola Sturgeon.

336 MPs voted against the amendment with 100 for the SNP amendment.


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