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‘Are you hostile to Brexit?’ BBC Political Editor SQUIRMS during Brexit bias interrogation


Katy Searle, editor of BBC Political News, was forced to defend the taxpayer-funded journalists’ controversial coverage of Brexit negotiations.

During a cringe-worthy segment, the BBC challenged its own reporting on the debate around leaving the EU after hundreds complained its journalists were politically biased.

Newswatch anchor Samira Ahmed asked Mrs Searle bluntly whether there was any good news to report about Brexit, since most BBC stories emphasize doom-and-gloom predictions.

Mrs Searle struggled to hold her own against accusations of hostility towards the referendum outcome.

She was left to repeat herself over and over again in a desperate attempt to defend BBC reporting during the embarassing car-crash interview.

One of the complaints lodged against the BBC came from Elizabeth Miller, who asked: “Does the BBC never get tired of being so negative about Brexit?

“Who was the first person interviewed at the end of the speech? Tim Farron!

“He is in total denial about the decision to leave the EU and there is no way he would ever be objective about the EU.

“Give negotiations a chance and provide even-handed coverage please.”

Another viewer, Arthur Smith, added: “Once again the pro-EU BBC managed to puts its ‘end is nigh’ spin on the speech.

“You would have thought the apocalypse was upon us. As always, very little mention of the positives that lay ahead for us.”

Following this, Mrs Ahmed asked the BBC editor whether political journalists were just “rehashing” the old debate from referendum.

She queried whether there was “too much hypothetical worry” over fact-based reporting.

In response, Mrs Searle said: “There is not a lack of balance in our coverage. Our job is to question and ask for answers we don’t have.

“We gave a great deal of coverage to the speech itself but it did leave many questions unanswered.”

The news editor resorted to repeat herself over and over again, saying that the BBC was “trying to provide clarity”.

She also reaffirmed the news media instituion’s commitment to impartiality.

However, her defense does not appear to have convinced skeptics with response on social media to her interview dismissing her as “closed-minded” and “having liberal bias”.


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