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EU Single Market: Remoaner Tim Farron ROASTED by LBC host

The serial Remoaner was left virtually speechless after Iain Dale tore into his theory on potential destinations for the UK after Brexit.

On Monday, the Liberal Democrats leader claimed it would be “extremely weak” for Prime Minister Theresa May to follow voters’ wishes and guide the country out of the single market as part of her EU divorce package.

Discussing the possibility that Britain could remain inside the free-trade area, Mr Farron told LBC: “We voted for – narrowly, 51 per cent – to depart from the EU. We did not vote for a destination on what happens next – whether we are in or out of the single market.

“The possibility of there being a vote on the terms of the deal in a further referendum. That is the only, both logical and plausible, democratic way for staying in the European Union…”

Iain Dale and Tim Farron

But the host had another ideal and swiftly rejected to rebuke Mr Farron’s statement, Dale blasted: “You keep coming up with this argument, ‘we didn’t know what we were voting for,’ whether we were in the single market or not.

“You know as well as I do that during the campaign both David Cameron and George Osborne, and, indeed, today I discovered Nick Clegg all said voting to leave the EU means we leave the single market.

“It’s a completely speechless argument put forward isn’t it?

“Why did Nick Clegg, David Cameron and George Osborne, all of whom wanted to Remain, tell British people if we leave the EU, we leave the single market?

Tim Farron

“We knew – we knew what we would be letting ourselves in for. You come out of the single market by definition because it’s part of the European Union.

“Given a moment to defend himself, Mr Farron responded that the notion we must seek a ‘hard’ Brexit was not on the ballot paper.

“I don’t accuse anyone of not knowing what they voted for,” he added, “I accuse this government and past prime minister of having no plan whatsoever and assuming a Remain vote would be the only thing that was ever possible.”

The Prime Minister, during her first live televised of 2017, seemingly revealed that Britain would be exiting the single market as part of Brexit.

Speaking on Sky News at the weekend, Mrs May claimed that Britain cannot to expect to hold on to “bits” of its membership with the EU after Brexit and insisted she intended to deliver a “really good, ambitious trade deal”.

She said: “I’ve consistently said that the referendum vote was a vote for us to change – that vote for freedom of movement was a vote for us to bring control into our immigration system for people coming from the European Union.

“There’s a variety of ways that can be done – but I’m clear that is part of what we need to deliver.”

Being challenged on prioritising immigration controls over single market access, the Prime Minister added it was important to address voters’ concerns.

“We’re leaving,” she continued, “we’re coming out, we’re not going to be a member of the European Union any longer.

“The question is what is the right relationship for the UK to have with the European Union when we’re outside.

“We will be able to control our borders, control of our laws and this is what people were voting for on June 23.”


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