Home World News BARBARIC: Toddler victim of horror ACID ATTACK after mother rejected marriage proposal

BARBARIC: Toddler victim of horror ACID ATTACK after mother rejected marriage proposal


Aditya Raj was kidnapped as he played outside his parents’ home and doused in a corrosive chemical.

He was found crying and dumped in a dustbin by a truck driver who had heard his screams the following morning in Delhi, India, with his face severely blistered.

The little boy suffered horrific burns after half of his face melted away. Doctors have warned his parents he risks losing an eye.

His 25-year-old mother, Soni Prasad, said: “I haven’t seen my son yet, I can’t look at him.

“I can’t believe he is suffering like this. I just don’t know what to do.

“He is my only son. I’m just helpless.”

The mother claims she was harassed by a local man, who repeatedly asked her to leave her husband Jamna, a 33-year-old labourer.

Ms Prasad said: “He was very intimidating. I feared he would do something to me when my husband was away at work.”

The couple even moved to another New Delhi district, Shanti Nagar, in Gurugram, in a bid to escape the stalker.

However, on December 13, the youngster went missing as he played outside his family home.

Mr Prasad said: “My son was found screaming with acid burning his skin as he was lying in a dustbin. Who could do such a thing to a little boy?”

Aditya was taken to the burns unit of Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital and was transferred to a private hospital.

Local charity, Make Love Not Scars, has raised money to fund the little boy’s treatment at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Plastic surgeon Dr Anurag Pandey said the little boy will need surgery next week.

He added: “His condition was severe when he arrived. He’d suffered nearly 20 per cent burns to his face, one shoulder and both his hands.

“While his life is out of danger, his eyesight continues to be in danger. His eye cornea is injured but we’re doing all we can to save his sight.

“We have kept his eyes closed and will keep them closed to give them time to heal.

“The majority of his wounds have been taken care of but his shoulder is still pretty raw and will need surgery next week.

“He will definitely need further surgery in the future. He is able to talk and is responding well to the treatment but the skin grafting will take weeks to heal.”


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