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Why Donald Trump ‘should be allowed to ruffle feathers’ as President…

Journalist Charlie Wolf claimed that the US President-elect should be allowed to continue breaking the rules as it works for him.

Speaking on talkRadio to Julia Hartley-Brewer, the commentator was covering Donald Trump’s methods of using Twitter to make sweeping foreign policy statements.

Trump recently came under fire after he criticised both China and North Korea while using the social media platform.

On January 2, Mr Trump took to Twitter to mock Kim Jong-un by saying: “North Korea just stated that it is in the finals stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the US It won’t happen!”

Ms Hartley-Brewer criticised the methods of Mr Trump, saying: “I’m all in favour of calling them (China and North Korea) out on things. But I worry that this isn’t being done in a considered, thoughtful, long-term way.

“It’s just what he feels like. He’s sitting on the loo looking on Twitter and he’s going ‘I’ll just send this out’.

“I’m not sure that’s how we conduct foreign affairs when lives may be at stake if we get it wrong.”

Mr Wolf sharply replied backing Mr Trump by suggesting that this system may now be the best method to save time from long diplomatic speeches.

He said: “We’ve tried the other way and that doesn’t seem to be working either.

“The guy has a natural talent. Every rule there is he has broken.

“Whatever the management told him, he did the opposite, in his case it worked. And it’s the same with Trump.”

Trump supporter Mr Wolf joked that the UN will have to debate expanding Twitter’s character limit to 141 to accommodate the President-elects signature exclamation marks.

The journalist finished by suggesting that Mr Trump can get his message across in few words and finished by arguing that he should be left to do as he pleases in office.

“I’m happy to say let’s see what he does, if he ruffles some feathers, well anything is going to work better than we have seen for the past eight years,” he said.


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