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300 residents SMASH a kebab shop after affiliated ‘group of Arab men stab young local to death’


300 Polish stormed the streets in a peaceful suburban town after a group of Arab men allegedly stabbed a lone local to death near a kebab restaurant, according to reports.

They descended on the town of Elk, Poland, after a group of Arabs – reportedly of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia descent – chased a young man out of a restaurant in the town and repeatedly stabbed him.

The man, known only as Daniel R, was stabbed last Saturday around 11pm local time.

Kebab restaurant in Poland completely vandalised

The Arab suspects chased the 21-year-old male until they got hold of him and stabbed him twice in the chest.

In a direct response to the attacks, locals who live near restaurant flocked to the streets and began smashing up the kebab diner with firecrackers and stones.

Polish prosecutors have since charged a Tunisian man with murder over the knife attack.

Investigators believe a Tunisian cook, 26, confronted Daniel R after he and another Pole stole two bottles of drink from the premises on Saturday

Protestor speak to riot police

Reports claim the Tunisian has admitted taking a knife from the restaurant before running out after the two men.

Polish TVN24 news says the Algerian owner of the restaurant ran out with the Tunisian cook during the quarrel.



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