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And so say all of us: Migrants chose to come here, so of course ‘we should DEFEND British culture’: Katie Hopkins


Clearly having reached her limit with calls for British citizens to be considerate to other’s culture, the LBC host roared these are people who have chosen to come to the UK.

Continuing the passionate rant, Hopkins snapped that instead of being scared of offending other cultures, Britons should stand up for British values.

The LBC host said: “Instead of looking for integration when people come to join our country his they seem to go for colonisation and I think we spend far too much time tip-toeing around the cultures of those who chose to join us rather than standing up for the culture they have chosen to join.”

Hopkins’ fiery demand came as she was discussing whether or not the UK should increase immigration or put a bolt on the door after Turkey suffered another terror attack on New Year’s Eve.

During her show, Hopkins also clashed with a caller who rang in to tell the LBC host she was a hate preacher and that there is no link between immigration and terrorism.

Appearing utterly astounded over ‘Peter in Wimbledon’’s claim, the outspoken radio host berated the caller.

Hopkins told Peter: “I think your argument is fundamentally flawed, you know I will always accept any names you want to call me, I will always accept that you want to call me a hate preacher.

“I have no problems with your views on me, but what I do require is that you have some depth of knowledge or at least something to back up what you’re saying.

“To suggest to me there is no link between terrorism and migration when we have the direct correlation in Germany seems just hugely unintelligible for me.”


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